Sunder Rajan

I consulted Dr.Sonawane for my stomach ulcer and acidity related issues. He made me feel at home when I walked in. He was very patient in listening and spent quality time to understand the history. What I appreciated the most was that he gave me a lot of suggestions on life style changes and very little medication. Moreover, though it was covid time, he was always available on phone to clear my doubts. With the grace of God and Dr's advice, I am quite better now. Thanks a lot Doctor.

Atul Purbey

We had the priviledge to be treated by Dr Amey Sonwane who is one of the best Gastroenterologist. My wife was diagonosed for multiple Gall Bladder stone and acute pancreatitis. She had to undergo ERCP with liitle success for abdominal pain. Dr B Mahapatra and Dr Amey treated her for multiple episodes of pain and infection spanning over 4 weeks from the onset of pain. Finally her gall bladder was removed and the stent removal was done by Dr Amey. He is one of the most caring doctors.

Mitesh Patil

I can definitely recommend Dr. Amey to my family or friends. Very genuine, rational and sensitive to patient needs. He has answered / responded to my SOS calls as late as 11:30 PM or at early morning 6:45 AM and prescribed medicine for my father. Doctor is highly updated with newest research and development in GI treatment.GOD BLESS Dr. Sonawane and give him the very best of health, success, and above all, HAPPINESS, which he showers all around him every day to so many desperate patients.

Tousif Maniyar

The best doctor we met, what an amazing personality with having very well practice. Visited him only twice but it feels like we know him since years. Had a great experience in each visit. A good listener, very calm and friendly in nature, Makes us understand so nicely, very helpful, highly recomemded. It wasn't the medicines, but your reassuring words that gives us the strength to face the illness. Thanks, doctor.

David DeCunha

I was diagnosed with a large tumor on the liver and was referd to Dr Amey Sonavane, who along with his team was very frank and open and explained the full diagnoses and procedure, and underwent a TACS chemotherapy a month ago, with their treatment I am feeling much better and have full confidence in them and I am glad I was referee to them.

Nitipriya Singh

Been suffering from acidity, acid reflex and continous gas burps but after consulting with Dr Ameya with his flawless diagnosis (endoscopy) and expertise helped me get rid of all the problems. I am thankful to have found him on right time. Don't delay your treatment just visit Dr Ameya and your problems will get resolved. Thank you Dr for helping & comforting me throughout my treatment.

Satinder Singh

My experience with Dr Amey has been satisfactory and one of cooperation. My health has improved to a large extent, he believes in giving minimum medicines. I highly recommend his treatment and wish him the very best.

Ramjanam Singh

Dr Amey is a very good Gastrologist & a great humble human being. I had irritable bowel symptoms since last 20 years. I consulted many Gastrologists but no relief from symptoms. Luckily a friend of mine recommended his name. I took treatment for 1 month and now I am fine. Thank you Dr Amey.

Ankesh Maheshwari

Dr. Amey....a name you can always remember amazing doctor and amazing personality, so simple and easy to approach....feeling lucky to be guided by him ....multiple times. You are one in million......we need more ..

Yuwaan Bhoyar

Dr. Amey Sonavane, The best doctor! Treating patients very friendly, increasing hope to cure with his smiley face. He encourage me with kindness and motivational talk. I can't express my gratitude in words , he is like a god for me. While hospitalization his presence always enthusiast me.

Wandering Wid Abhi

Dr. Sonavane is one of the best Gastro specialist in Navi Mumbai. Totally recommended. He treated my Acid Reflux issue within few weeks and I am all fit n fine now..

Maske Yogesh

Such a amazing human being and professional doctor. He will make you feel comfortable and listen each and everything that concerns your health. Best doctor ever met. Thank you so much and I wish you all the success and happiness in your life.

Chahat Mishra

I have been fortunate enough to be treated by Dr. Amey Sonavane. I consulted him at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai when I was diagnosed with Covid. I cannot thank him enough for saving my life (in literal sense) despite Covid complications. Since I'm a Life Coach, when I will speak about doctors ever on any forum, I will always remember and thank him for his remarkable efforts and expertise while treating patients. Hats off to him and his team. No less than Gods.

Anuja Adhalge

Words aren't enough to thank him! I was suffering from a very severe acid reflux since 1 year! I decided to visit Dr. Amey Sonavane, I was well prepared for an endoscopy seeing my condition but he told me to try his medicines for 2 weeks and then we can proceed with an endoscopy if needed! After 1 year of suffering I finally felt a HUGE relief after I started having Dr. Amey's medicines, my acidity almost vanished after 3rd day of having his medicines also there was no need for an endoscopy as my problems are vanished! He is very polite and he also answers to all my queries on whatsapp! I am so thankful and grateful of him for curing me entirely! Thank you Dr.

Abdulrauf Sali

So far he is one of the best doctor i have encountered in my whole life. He is so carring, profossionel in his field and he always make sure you are well treated. He will always give you good advise. I went to India to Apolo Hospital in Mumbai since 2018 but till date we are communicating, right now i am telling you he is treating my brother in Mumbai Apolo Hospital and he is 99% been satisfied. I will recomend the OMS to consider this valuable person for his contribution to the humanity thank you

Richa Johar

Doctor Amey Sonawane is one of the best gastroenterologist in Navi Mumbai. He makes you feel comfortable and is extremely patient. I thought my gut problem was something major but he gave me comfort and confidence that there was nothing to bother . His diagnosis & treatment gave me great results and I’m feeling much better .

Bong Shine

He is the best doctor i have ever meet in my life.i had a mejor stomach and loose motion problem and now i have no such problems.he is like The magical doctor.he is very well behaved very friendly and always gives us a good advice about health.

Aditi trivedi

Dr.Amey Sonawane has been one if the best doctors that I have ever interacted with. His knack of understanding the patient and getting to the root of the problem is amazing! I wish we had more such doctors. He makes the entire experience very smooth and is extremely practical in his approach as well. Both my mother and I have been treated by him and are extremely happy with the outcome. Thank you so much Dr. Amey!

Sonia Arora

Dr explained everything very nicely. His treatment was effective. He cured my husband also. His treatment was very effective.